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A statement regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)

A statement regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)


Hello fellow Tasmanian’s,

With advice from Public health services (Tasmanian Government Agency for the Tasmanian response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)). SJM Property Developments have implemented control measures within our workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We have set up a hand sanitising station at reception for anyone who is required to come into our office, however to keep you and your families safe we kindly ask that all meetings that can be completed via phone or email are done so.

Hand sanitiser must be used by everyone entering the office, and our staff will continue to wipe all high-risk surfaces multiple times per day with a disinfectant to ensure all surfaces remain hygienic and safe to the public.

Anyone that is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or any flu-like symptoms will be asked to leave the premises, please do not take this personally, this is for your own health and safety and the health and safety of our customers, employees and their families.

We will still be working closely with clients to ensure all of your needs are met and our customer service will remain at the highest standard during this time, please fell free to contact us if you have any concerns at all.

Yours Sincerely,

SJM Property Developments
P: 6289 6601

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms range from mild illness to pneumonia. Symptoms include fever, flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue, and shortness of breath. People with severe illness may have difficulty breathing, which is a sign of pneumonia and requires immediate medical attention.

Call for advice:

If you think you might have COVID-19 because of recent travel or contact with a confirmed case, phone the Tasmanian Public Health Hotline (1800 671 738) for advice.

If you haven’t travelled or had contact with confirmed case, phone your doctor or healthdirect Australia (1800 022 222). Protect others around you by washing your hands and keeping your distance.